Posted by Andrew Ballantyne on 1st October 2021
Webinar Recording: Azure Virtual Desktop Overview

Read this blog to see the recordings from the recent Azure Virtual Desktop webinar.

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Posted by Michael Povey on 9th September 2021
How Microsoft License Changes Impact Office/Microsoft 365

Understand how Microsoft's up and coming license changes will impact your Office 365 agreements.

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Posted by Andrew Ballantyne on 23rd July 2021
Microsoft Cloud Products that support ISO27001 Policies & Procedures- Part 2

Understand which Microsoft Cloud Products can help enforce your information security policies (part 2).

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Posted by Andrew Ballantyne on 25th June 2021
Microsoft Teams: A Technical Overview of Microsoft Teams as a Phone System (Webinar Recordings)

This blog post contains the recordings from our latest Microsoft Teams Voice webinar.

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