Posted by David Warrington on 25th January 2021

How Microsoft Teams Calling can Help bring your International Users Together

We’ve talked in a previous blog entry about the benefits of using Microsoft Teams Calling as a fully featured replacement for your existing IP or legacy phone system. As a follow up, Ithought it would be helpful to go into more detail about how Teams Calling could bring cost and functionality benefits to some of your international users, clients or territories.

As a single global collaboration platform, Teams allows company users based around the world to make and receive calls using a local dialling code for the country they’re based in. This provides them with local presence in the country in question. It also gives them an inclusive calling bundle for in-country calling (plus options for flexible call bundles for calling other countries).

So for example, a company with an office or users based in another country, who in the past would have had to take a contract for local numbers through an in-country provider or use often costly call diversion services to provide an overlaid international number, can now simply add an in-country number to their existing Teams calling company platform – easy, flexible and cost effective.

Existing in-country numbers can in many cases also be migrated into the Teams platform for the above use.

International dialling users will still benefit from the full Teams Calling functionality that you would expect from any phone system platform – in fact they would simply be treated as another user that was part of any required ring groups or auto attendant plans.

Teams International Calling helps to manage and reduce costs for calls which would normally be classed as costly international calls – especially expensive if using a mobile phone roaming tariff.

In a nutshell:

  • Provides a company with an in-country presence for an international location
  • Retain existing in-country phone numbers
  • Helps to manage and reduce costs for calling in-country for internationally based users
  • Calls can be easier be transferred to other Teams users around the world
  • Allows all global company numbers to be managed and facilitated through a single platform.

Get in touch with Circle Cloud now for an introduction and overview and see how Teams Calling International features could help solve your global communication challenges

If you're interested in finding out more about the functionality available with Teams Voice, check out the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions by Clicking Here.


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