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Microsoft Azure Migration

Migrating your existing infrastructure to Microsoft Azure can be a complex process. Circle Cloud’s experienced Microsoft Cloud consultants can take care of the migration for you, from planning through to implementation.

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Using a Circle Cloud Consultant to carry out your project will help you avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes

Mark Duffy
Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Reasons People want us to Migrate them to the Cloud

Organisations typically perform a migration to Azure as part of a hybrid cloud and infrastructure strategy. The reasons for migrating to Azure include… 

• Gaining financial benefits through cloud economics
• Improving backup and disaster recovery using Azure Site Recovery 
• Leveraging the Azure Security Centre to improve their security and governance posture 
• Providing the foundation for a business intelligence strategy by consolidating all your data 
   sources in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

Additionally, Azure Devops and Azure Container Apps provide developers with an agile platform that allows them to perform and manage development and testing for their applications.

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Our Approach to Migrating Customers to Azure

We have supported many customers with their migrations to Azure. We help customers host their applications and data in Microsoft Azure and specialise in building an Azure Virtual Desktop environments to provide their users access to these applications. Typically, these applications rely on a database, which can be hosted using PaaS or IaaS databases in Azure. Our database migration service will help identify which of these options is best for your applications.

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