Virtual Desktop Set Up

Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Virtual Desktop

A virtual desktop provides your staff with a desktop hosted in the cloud. The virtual desktop can be used as their day to day working computer, or can be also be used to host and publish specific business applications to your staff from the cloud. The benefit of using a remote desktop can offer staff the ability to access business applications from anywhere without impacting performance.

Mark Duffy Mark Duffy

Virtual Desktops can be a great way to host business applications. Let us tell you how it can work for your business.

Mark Duffy
Senior Infrastructure Consultant

The Benefits of a Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop allows staff to access their work desktop, applications and data from anywhere, without the need for clunky VPN clients. The desktop is hosted in the cloud, so you have a lot more control over where your staff’s data is stored. Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure allows for automatic scaling and downsizing throughout the day, which means you’ll only ever pay for the amount of cloud resource that your business needs.

Migrating to a Virtual Desktop

Migrating to a virtual desktop will allow you to increase the performance of your system, regain storage space, and reduce the costs associated with running servers. However, migrating is not as easy as just flipping on the switch. The process can be complex depending on the specific technical details of your requirements. For this reason, it is important that you use a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop certified expert to plan and carry out the implementation. Contact us today and we will show you how setting up a virtual desktop can be easy and efficient.

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