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Our Offer & Close: Transcript

Again, this is quite a fast run through a lot of different recommendations but the purpose of this webinar is for us to say what we think you should be implementing as a minimum really and why we think that should be the case, but obviously we can’t cover on a webinar in detail how you go about implementing those things which is why we’re going to provide you with the lower level design document afterwards so you can see the detail of the policies we recommend so you can use a lot of those for your own configuration.

So, that’s sort of the scope of the webinar and we’re going to back that up with the detail in our best practices document that you can take away and use. 

The last thing from me is to tell you what we can do to help you. What we do as an organisation around this sort of topic is provide packages around security or cloud security where we’ll audit your current environment and analyse it against our best practices and understand your particular things you want to achieve in terms of policies, settings and talk you through the different options to get the most of out Endpoint Manager and the Azure AD. We’ll then produce a more specific design document that describes exactly how you can achieve these things we’ve discussed, you can go off and use that document and implement those policies or we can actually provide that work for you but ultimately will show you what you should be doing based on the goals you’ve got and show you the settings you should have in place. It’ll also provide an implementation plan on how to do it with the amount of time we estimate it would take if you do it yourself or you can actually get one of our consultants to work through the project plan with you and get this thing rolled out and get the design implemented effectively. So, I’m going to pass you back to Andy, thank you for your attention.

Cheers Tom. Just going to spend a minute or so to let you know what to expect from us next. So, fairly straightforward the first one is LinkedIn, we do ask at the end of our webinars to leave a positive comment if you found it useful or if you think other people would benefit from it and tag our handle @Circle Cloud Ltd. Next, we will follow up with an email to all attendees and in that email will be two key components. One of which will be the questions which I mentioned in the beginning. They do vary from webinar to webinar. If there are quite a lot we’ll bundle them up and send them all out on a one page document with all the answers. Also, we’ll send through the best practices document which obviously forms the structure for this webinar so you’ve got that to use and reference alongside the webinar recording which we’ll also give you a link to. Finally, in the follow up email we’ll give you more information on our fixed costs implementation offerings which is the slide Tom covered last which talked about how we can actually help you build a more bespoke design using the best practices that we’ve got in those documents.

So, just to recap. Questions and information on how we can help you build the implementation plan and also the best practices document for you to use and hopefully improve your security very quickly.

We hope you found this useful. Thanks for watching, really appreciate it and hopefully see you in another webinar. Thanks for your time.

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