Posted by Tomas Roberton on 12th February 2024

Unsure if your Cybersecurity is being managed ? Check these 3 basic signs now!

If you are unsure whether your Cybersecurity is actually being managed but don't have the knowledge to verify this. Use the below simple checks to verify the absolute foundations are being managed. These checks are useful because they require no technical knowledge to perform and they are the absolute basics of Cybersecurity. You can safely assume if these aren't in place then the rest of your Cybersecurity management is not in place either.

You can check these yourself within five minutes.

  1. Your Microsoft 365 Licensing Invoice
    1. Some Microsoft 365 licenses do not provide what is considered fundamental security features (e.g. Business Basic or Standard). If your licensing invoice doesn’t show Business Premium, EMS Security or E5 you simply can’t have these in place.
  2. Microsoft Windows Version
    1. Windows Updates are crucial to Cybersecurity. An easy way to check if your updates are being managed. See 30 second demo here. Check this on a few machines. See below video on how to check this;
  3. Login to Office 365 from a non-company device
    1. Grab a personal computer or tablet that has no relationship to your company. Login to Office 365. If you can login with your username and password only (not prompted for a code or MFA) it’s a matter of time before your account is breached.

To be clear; Having the above in place does not mean your cybersecurity posture is good. Not having them in place almost certainly means it’s in a poor state and further conversations need to be had.

If anybody tells you otherwise please visit the NCSC website which will reiterate the importance of the above amongst many other things.

The beauty of the above is anybody can check!  If you have specific questions on the above, please DM me or add a comment!

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