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The Introduction: Transcript

Hi everyone, thanks for joining this webinar where we’re going to look at how to use Office 365 and Endpoint Manager to deliver security best practices. Just a couple of things before we carry on, you can’t see anyone’s faces, that’s normal because it’s on Microsoft Teams. It’s so we can apportion more of the screen to the actual visuals. Second thing, everyone’s on mute, that’ just because we have a lot of material to get through and we want to keep it flowing and don't want to get sidetracked with dialogues because obviously people will have questions so that’s why we’ve left a question panel down the right hand side of your screen, just as questions pop into your mind just put them in that questions panel and we’ll follow up on all the questions in one go at the end of the webinar.

So firstly, obviously there’ll be people who don’t know who Circle Cloud are, so won’t know who myself and Tom are. So that’s me on the screen there, Andy Ballantyne, Sales & Marketing Director for Circle Cloud. I’ve been with the business since 2015, joined in a sales capacity during our first phase of growth. I’ve worked on various projects such as information security and I’ve since gone back full circle all the way back into sales, and taken the Sales & Marketing Director position in December 2020 as we embarked on our next phase of growth. So that’s me, I’ll hand it over to Tom.

Hi guys, I’m Tom Robinson and I’m the Technical Director here at Circle Cloud. I’m one of two directors who founded the business in 2013. My main responsibility at Circle Cloud is to manage our managed services team as well as our implementation and consultant team, alongside designing our service offerings.

Brilliant, thanks Tom. So, just take a very quick look at what we’re going to cover today just to give you an idea of timing and how we’re going to split the webinar up. So it’s going to run for approximately 40-50 minutes. We’ve kept it as concise as possible so we can focus on the information that actually matters and you can take it away and use it instantaneously. So that’s a breakdown of what  we’re going to do. A 5 minute introduction, the next bit is an overview of Circle Cloud, then Tom will take you through the technical component which comprises the majority of the webinar. We’ve got some really good information for you on this one, it’s based on a whitepaper we’ve produced internally and we structure our security audits from. You will receive that at the end of this webinar but what we’re going to do is focus on some of the main sections in this webinar and sort of contextualise areas of the document that you’ll receive afterwards. We’ll then do a very quick ‘what’s next’ so you know what you can do with Circle Cloud and how we can help you.

So, a little bit about us. There will be people on the webinar that haven’t worked with us before. So we’ll give you a quick overview. We are an ISO27001 certified Microsoft partner and we specialise in the design and implementation of the following products: Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. So they are our three core products and like I say we design, implement and manage around them products. A final bullet point worth mentioning before we move on is our Gold Cloud Platform status. It’s worth mentioning we were the first company founded in the North East to achieve this status but I suppose there’s still a question as to what makes Circle Cloud different. A lot of companies build a Microsoft Cloud into their existing strategies and operations and it’s not exactly fit for purpose or specialist enough. But with our three products, what we’ve done since day one is build an entire strategy around this so we’re well positioned to speak to you about these three products. And finally from me, what you’ve come away with today, two very high level points: An understanding of how you can improve your Office 365 security in a structured way and an understanding of how Circle Cloud can support you on your journey and improve your security. So that’s it from me.

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