Posted by Andrew Ballantyne on 6th December 2021

Webinar Recording: A Technical Overview of Endpoint Manager

A Microsoft product you might have heard of or even used to some extent is Intune. In more recent times, you might have heard Endpoint Manager and Intune used interchangeably, or at least in the same context. Well, there’s good reason for that, because Endpoint Manager is a Microsoft cloud product that has incorporated the functionality of Intune and Config Manager, as well a couple of other products you may or may not have heard of.

Given what has happened over the last 12 months, with workforce mobility being put into practice on a larger-than-ever scale, device management has jumped to the forefront of many of our thoughts. Well, mobile device management (and device management generally) is where Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager comes in.

Here is an overview of the purpose of Endpoint Manager in Microsoft’s own words: “by connecting to the cloud, you gain scale, security and intelligence to better manage your company’s devices and apps… while delivering a better end user experience.”

In this webinar, a Circle Cloud Technical Consultant provided an overview of Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager, with a focus on helping you understand architectural considerations, device compliance policies, device configuration policies, and an overview of how Windows Autopilot works. We have broken down the webinar recording into sections that fit under these 4 key areas.


Architectural Considerations


Compliance Policies


Configuration Policies


Windows Autopilot



What Next

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