Posted by Andrew Ballantyne on 31st October 2019

Another Successful Cisco Meraki Project Completed!

Earlier this month, Circle Cloud completed a networking project for Protec International’s new warehouse in Markham Vale.

Protec approached Circle Cloud in early 2019 regarding the project. They required a supplier that was able to provide a network solution that would allow Protec’s users to move between the existing and new warehouses. Protec’s Head of IT selected Circle Cloud given the strength of our proposed solution, as well as our experience with Cisco Meraki.

Despite several late challenges, the installation was successfully executed on time and on spec. During the project, Circle Cloud took responsibility for the planning, sourcing of the necessary equipment and managing a leased line and backup line installation into the premises. After this, a complete network solution for the client was installed (this was a mostly Wi-Fi based deployment). We made use of Meraki Access Points and Firewalls to allow easy cloning of the existing Warehouse setup to allow for their operators to move seamlessly between sites with their hand scanners, just as the customer had wanted.

Tomas Roberton, Circle Cloud’s Technical Director, made the following comment with regards to the project: “This is another great project to add to our ever-growing cloud networking portfolio. The important message for us here is that we are not just Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partners, we are also qualified and experienced with Cisco Meraki. It is an industry defining product and we are excited about helping more companies get the benefits from it.”

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business with Cisco Meraki, please click here.

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