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Quick Office 365 Security Tips Series (1 of 5)- Multi Factor Authentication
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Office 365 Security- MultiFactor Authentication

On the first of five videos of helping to secure your Office 365 Environment, first and most important tip when securing your 365 environment is to enable multifactor authentication for all your global administrator accounts. To do this we'll hit the users tab and then Active Users. We can filter here by global admins as well as all the other sets of our back admins that you can configure within Office 365. For example, today we'll take a look at my account and then hit the Manage Multifactor authentication option here. This will take us to this admin panel where we can set up multifactor authentication. All we need to do to enable it to an account is check it and then hit Enable. Once we hit this button, the account will become enabled for multifactor authentication. The next time the user tries to sign in, they'll be prompted to set it up. If they don't already have a phone number associated with the account, then they will be asked to enter one. It can be a good tip to get these users phone numbers before setting this up and enter them from an administrator account. This prevents if their passwords lost, someone setting it up under their phone number and locking the user out of their account. We can also update this in bulk as well as via PowerShell. Multifactor authentication, when the user sets it up will be a text or a phone call under Standard licensing. However, if you use Azure Premium, you'll also have the option to use the Authenticator app by Microsoft, which will just send a push notification allowing them to approve or deny the login. If you have any further questions, or need help setting this up, get in contact with us on the contact us page.
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