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Thank you for showing interest in our Azure Proof of Concept. Here are a couple of things that might answer any questions you have before you register:


What is an Azure Proof of Concept?

An Azure Proof of Concept is a Microsoft backed initiative that will give those who are considering using Azure the opportunity to experience it, free of charge, within their own working environment. The Proof of Concept would be implemented using a subset of your full requirement.

How much will an Azure Proof of Concept cost?

Nothing. The Azure Proof of Concepts are backed by Microsoft who will cover the expenses incurred during the Proof of Concept phase. In addition, Circle Cloud will cover the cost of any of our in-house technical consultants used during the implementation phase.

What happens once I have signed up for the Proof of Concept?
  1. An Azure Consultant will call you to get an understanding of your requirements. These requirements will then be used by the Circle Cloud team to develop a technical plan for the Proof of Concept
  2. Both parties will agree on the scope of the Proof of Concept
  3. Circle Cloud will work closely with your organisation to implement the Proof of Concept, ensuring that the technical design is fulfilled
How long will the proof of concept be free?

The proof of concept will be free of charge for a maximum of 2 months.

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